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My name is Panos and I am a certified Systemic therapist and an Existential psychotherapist. I work with individuals, families and groups, providing a safe environment for them, to unfold and discover themselves through the process of psychotherapy. My studies in the fields of Medicine (Charles University in Prague, CZ), Managing Mental and Emotional Trauma (University of Athens) and Addictions counselling (Bath University, UK) , as well as Existential and Systemic (Family and Group) Psychotherapy, have in due course come to support my experience with the necessary theoretical background and certifications. I also have multiple years of experience in the facilitation of therapy groups, in both Greek and English.

I was actually ‘raised’ to become a doctor, since both of my parents were eye surgeons. The various meanings of healing, treatment and/or therapy had accompanied my thoughts and pictured vividly my goals and aspirations as an individual, since I was a little child. My own journey through hardships and self-exploration, gave rise to my talent for psychotherapy, a unique blend of science and an art, that helps the individual recognize their own virtues, discover meanings in the things that we do, or change the things that don’t suit us. 

Some of my trainings and knowledge are presented below:

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